Our Future

Plans are underway for a restaurant on the ground floor that will be a volunteer-driven social enterprise eventually offering training for disadvantaged youth, working alongside young Old Boys and their friends. All profits will go towards our programmes working directly with the poor here and overseas. The Immersion and Service Year programmes will continue to grow and deepen. A university graduate Service Year programme is being developed as well. Leadership formation will be strengthened and extended to other groups, not just the Old Boys, to produce leaders in the Church and society for the future. Jesuit House will become more and more of a community hub. The Cardoner Project will spread across the Province, incorporating graduates of other Jesuit and partner schools. We will establish the Jesuit Social Enterprise Network offering resourcing and linkages across here and overseas for young people seeking to learn more about social enterprise to make positive impacts. Our offerings of liturgies and retreats will continue to grow. In short, we will keep trying to change the world to make it more Christ-like and just.

Our Faith

Faith in Jesus Christ is what grounds and orients the entire work of The Cardoner Project. MORE>>

Our History

The Cardoner Project began at St Aloysius College due to the enthusiasm and aspirations of the students for further opportunities for service beyond their final year of high school. MORE>>

Our Projects

From the central location of Jesuit House in Chippendale, The Cardoner Project has been able to involve itself in a number of local volunteering opportunities. MORE>>

Our Mission

We seek to offer an extension and a deepening of what Old Boys have already received at Jesuit schools, a deeper experience of God and an understanding of themselves as spiritual beings. MORE>>