Our Spiritual Life

The Cardoner Project facilitates spiritual development in multiple ways. Mass in the evening is offered at the Chapel of the Sacred Heart within Jesuit House, which all are welcome to attend from Monday to Thursday. As the heart of the House and also the whole of The Cardoner Project, the Chapel of the Sacred Heart is a place of quiet prayer and reflection.

Moreover, group prayer sessions are held at the house, which can involve praying the Rosary, other devotions, or Ignatian contemplation. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is also offered from time to time, or by special request, for all who wish to attend.

Spiritual retreats and leadership formation courses grounded in the teachings of Ignatius Loyola, are offered as part of The Cardoner Project. The basic point is that all of the goings on of The Cardoner Project are centred around, and because of Jesus Christ. The Cardoner Project is a work of the Church and seeks to form young people at the service of the Church.