The Two Wolves: Abroad

Our overseas social enterprise that seeks to engage communities overseas in undertakings that express a recognition and respect for excluded and disadvantaged groups. From teaching English in schools, to working with families to build houses; The Cardoner Project aims to build hope in the communities it encounters.


Our Immersion Programme offers 2-3 week experiences of cultural exposure, hard work under basic conditions, and shared Examen and reflections every day. These are profound experiences of receiving hospitality from those materially poor, yet spiritually rich.


Cardoner Volunteer Corps (CVC)

Our Cardoner Volunteer Corps (CVC) Programme offers school-leavers a deeper immersion in the language and culture of peoples in Northern Thailand, Micronesia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Guatemala and Tonga for 6-12 months, with a preference for the full year placement. Our volunteers teach English language and numeracy.

Experiences like these defy simple explanations, people so often ask me ‘So how was it?’ It’s a question I still haven’t found an adequate response to. It eclipses most adjectives our language possesses, and even with a novel’s worth of prose I would still struggle to do it justice.

There have been big changes in myself; learning the value of the simplicities of life, changing how I measure and evaluate a person, learning how to live in the moment, and the amazing benefit of doing so, and even as much as re-evaluating my idea of the path to happiness.
— Josh Conlon, Cardoner Volunteer Corps, Micronesia (2016)