Bellarmine House

An intentional residence for university-aged Old Boys of our Jesuit schools, that is an opportunity for their human, intellectual and spiritual formation as they navigate the challenges of university life.

Located on the top two floors of Jesuit House, at 202 Broadway, Chippendale, Bellarmine House acts a transitional residence for these Old Boys.

Currently 15 young Old Boys live there. Sunday nights are community dedicated evenings that all residents attend; Mass is celebrated followed by dinner, and it is a good opportunity for everyone in the house to reconnect after the week and share at a deeper level. The residents also shop, cook and clean for each other in order to develop a stronger sense of community.

The residents also donate six hours per week of their time to The Cardoner Project, primarily through working in The Two Wolves: Community Cantina, our volunteer-driven social enterprise restaurant and bar; but also through volunteering at one of our local partner organisations.

It is not a hostel, nor just a place to live. It’s a way of life for the boys here, and a lot of fun in the process.

The fabric of Bellarmine House is dynamic, to say the least - ranging from 18-24 years of age, the variety of personalities and pursuits makes for an exciting residency, with boys studying anything from arts to medicine.
— Theo Ott, Bellarmine House Resident (2015 - 2016)