Social Enterprise

Oscar Dean (SIC13)

This is an exciting set of ways of helping to change the world by applying commercial insights and skills to real-world problems of social and economic exclusion, here and overseas. The Cardoner Project is always seeking to engage with like-minded social entrepreneurs. 
As an example, The Cardoner Project is partnering with World Numeracy, a start-up social enterprise, to improve numeracy standards in the disadvantaged communities we work with overseas. They’ve donated 50 laptops for a pilot project with young former refugees in Northern Thailand who will be taught using cutting-edge online education software donated by Literatu, an education software firm specialising in online language learning.
 It is hoped that all of our volunteer destinations will benefit from this partnership as it rolls out for both numeracy and literacy. 
At the same time we are working on another pilot project with refugees in Sydney in conjunction with the Ignatian Service Association of the Old Ignatians’ Union. This is an exciting joint project which launches The Cardoner Project into the world of online education for the disadvantaged, both in Australia and abroad.
Jesuit House offers a base for our own enterprises, but also a hub hopefully for young people to come up with their own ideas and seek resourcing and mentoring through our networks, especially the Old Boys, and Jesuit Social Services. We support social enterprises in the countries we go to, and we hope to strengthen that network in the near future by creating the Jesuit Social Enterprise Network to be run online jointly by The Cardoner Project and our partners. Our plan is to be able to replicate our social enterprises in other places. We want to be a clearing-house for the best data, as well as a creative partner for social enterprise in the Jesuit network of Asia Pacific. If you have an idea of how to help us then come and share it, or if you have a totally new idea we want to hear it.

Jarjum College Redfern 

As one of the  Cardoner Project’s local outreach initiatives a strong relationship has been forged with Jarjum College Redfern. Jarjum College is a Jesuit K-6 primary school for Indigenous boys and girls from the Redfern area. MORE>> 

Teresa House

As part of the projects service program boys in the house have been volunteering at Teresa House Homeless shelter, which provides emergency overnight accommodation. MORE>> 

Jesuit House

Jesuit House is the headquarters of The Cardoner Project at 202 Broadway, Chippendale. Purchased in mid 2013, the ground floor is a function and office space to be used for events.  MORE>>

St Canice's Kitchen

The Cardoner project works closely with St Canice’s church, Elizabeth Bay, in a range of social ventures. St Canice’s has been operating in Elizabeth Bay since 1889 and has grown not only as a parish, but as an important part of the Kings Cross community. MORE>>

Ignatian Service Association

The Old Ignatians’ Union (OIU) Ignatian Service Association is a group facilitating community service by anyone associated with the school community. MORE>> 

Bellarmine House

Bellarmine House is the residential program of the Cardoner Project and is based on the top two floors of Jesuit House. The house acts as a transitional residence for recently graduated old boys. MORE>>

Gawad Kalinga

Gawad Kalinga (GK) is an anti-poverty organisation that works to build communities. Founded in the Philippines, its name means ‘to give care’ in Tagalog. In the Philippines this commitment takes the form of creating tangible communities. MORE>>

Jesuit Social Services

The Cardoner Project and Jesuit Social Services are committed to real collaboration on a range of great projects that will engage the young Old Boys and others in shaping a more just society. MORE>>

Social Enterprise

This is an exciting set of ways of helping to change the world by applying commercial insights and skills to real-world problems of social and economic exclusion, here and overseas. MORE>>


Since its foundation, The Cardoner Project has sought to engage communities overseas in undertakings that seek to express a recognition and respect for often excluded and underprivileged groups. From teaching English in Vietnamese or Thai schools to working with families to build houses in Tijuana, Mexico; The Cardoner Project aims to inspire self-esteem and hope in the communities we encounter. With an increasing number of projects in Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal, Ecuador and Mexico there are short and long term volunteering opportunities available.


Across the Pacific Ocean lies the city of Tijuana in northern Mexico. Tijuana’s location on the United States-Mexican border makes it the perfect location to witness the juxtaposition between these two countries.
— Daniel Rubic (SAC11)


When the opportunity of travelling to Ecuador first presented itself to me I thought what an obscure place to go. We spent our time in Quito. . .
— Tom Masi (SIC13)


The Cardoner Project’s Nepal Immersion typically runs in December of each year, designed to give recent Jesuit old boys a deeper appreciation for the often-misunderstood cultural and religious issues in Nepal.
— Max Sturt (SAC13)


The Micronesia Service year provides a fantastic opportunity for those seeking a thorough cultural immersion and volunteer experience.
— Alex Smith (SAC13)


The Vietnam immersion run by the Cardoner Project is one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences that young Aloysius and Riverview old boys can undertake in their early post-high school life.
— Cameron Gray (SAC12)


The Cardoner Project has had volunteers in northern Thailand since 2012 as a part of The Arrupe Education Project, an initiative of the Thai Jesuits.
— Tim Humphreys (SAC12)

Our Mission

We seek to offer an extension and a deepening of what Old Boys have already received at Jesuit schools, a deeper experience of God and an understanding of themselves as spiritual beings. MORE>>

Our History

The Cardoner Project began at St Aloysius College due to the enthusiasm and aspirations of the students for further opportunities for service beyond their final year of high school. MORE>>

Our Projects

From the central location of Jesuit House in Chippendale, The Cardoner Project has been able to involve itself in a number of local volunteering opportunities. MORE>>