Our Projects Abroad

Since its foundation, The Cardoner Project has sought to engage communities overseas in undertakings that seek to express a recognition and respect for often excluded and underprivileged groups. From teaching English in Vietnamese or Thai schools to working with families to build houses in Tijuana, Mexico; The Cardoner Project aims to inspire self-esteem and hope in the communities we encounter. With an increasing number of projects in Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal, Guatemala, Belize, Sri Lanka and Mexico, there are many short and long term volunteering opportunities available.


Our Immersion programme offers 2-3 week experiences of cultural exposure, hard work in basic conditions, and shared examen and reflections every day. These are profound experiences of receiving hospitality from those materially poor, yet spiritually rich. 

Across the Pacific Ocean lies the city of Tijuana in northern Mexico. Tijuana’s location on the United States-Mexican border makes it the perfect location to witness the juxtaposition between these two countries.
— Daniel Rubic (SAC11)
The Nepal Immersion is an intense and moving experience. One is exposed to the ins and outs of a highly unique culture; beautiful, awe-inspiring scenery and ultimately the huge differences in the way people live their lives across the world.
— Max Sturt (SAC13)
The Vietnam & Thailand immersion is one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences that young Old Boys can undertake. Spending time at an orphanage in Dong Hoi can be a tough emotional struggle, however the looks of happiness on the children’s faces everyday, as well as a greater understanding of yourself and life back home, is a great reward
— Cameron Gray (SAC12)


Our Service Year programme offers school-leavers a deeper immersion in the language and culture of peoples in Northern Thailand and Micronesia for 12 months. In 2016 we will extend this programme to Vietnam, Tonga, Guatemala, Belize, Cambodia and the Philippines.

Our volunteers teach English language and numeracy. We prepare them as much as is possible before they go, working around the demands of the HSC.

The Cardoner Project has had volunteers in northern Thailand since 2012 as a part of The Arrupe Education Project, an initiative of the Thai Jesuits.
— Tim Humphreys (SAC12)
The Micronesia Service year provides a fantastic opportunity for those seeking a thorough cultural immersion and volunteer experience.
— Alex Smith (SAC13)