Alex Smith (SAC12)

The Micronesia Service year provides a fantastic opportunity for those seeking a thorough cultural immersion and volunteer experience. Successful applicants spend 12 months in the village of Sapuk, on the island of Weno which is located within the stunning Chuuk Lagoon. Volunteers work with Xavier High School, a Jesuit school dubbed ‘the Harvard of the Pacific,’  and alongside a small network of volunteers of many nationalities. Through the high school’s outreach program, The Cardoner Project volunteers work on strengthening community ties, primarily by teaching full time in the local village, but also by involving themselves with cultural activities and living with local families. The living conditions lack certain creature comforts, and can at times be extremely isolating. Yet with an open and constructive mindset, volunteers can make the most of an incredible learning experience, leaving a positive impact on the lives of the locals less fortunate than us.