The Two Wolves: Leadership Collective

A social enterprise formation programme that seeks to engage young people in their personal and spiritual development and growth. This occurs through a peer-to-peer mentoring programme for adolescents, delivered by young adults who themselves will also be transformed, through their encounter with the content and shared experience of the programme.


The Leadership Collective is now the heart of our formation programme, and the formation programme is the heart of The Cardoner Project. It is driven by the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius - they permeate and inform everything that we do, and are grounded in our mission of deepening the human, spiritual and intellectual formation, of young adults, grounding them in a love of the poor in the service of the Church.

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It’s an experience unlike anything else available for people our age. It allows a space where I know I can go and be welcomed with unquestioning acceptance, and engage in intellectual conversations about faith and life.
— Sophia Shatek, Volunteer (2016 - Current)