From the central location of Jesuit House in Chippendale, The Cardoner Project has been able to involve itself in a number of local volunteering opportunities. These seek to integrate into our lives habits of service and a commitment to those less fortunate. The Cardoner Project has formed relationships with other aligned, faith-based organisations, and is always looking to develop and extend this network. 


  • Social enterprise bar and restaurant
  • Redfern Jarjum College
  • Bellarmine + Jesuit House
  • Gawad Kalinga
  • St Canice's Kitchen
  • Teresa House
  • The Ignatian Service Association

Redfern Jarjum College

As one of The Cardoner Project's local outreach initiatives a strong relationship has been forged with Redfern Jarjum College, a Jesuit K-6 primary school for Indigenous boys and girls from the Redfern area.

Residents from Bellarmine House, and members of the Cardoner community facilitate this relationship by spending lunchtimes with the boys and girls, supervising and joining in games of cricket, football and skip rope, providing the Jarjum teaching staff with a well earned break from the classroom environment.

The Old Boys take on a strict weekly commitment at the school where they quickly become a role model for children. The Cardoner Project is always looking for more volunteers to help out at Jarjum College. If you are interested and your schedule allows a weekly lunchtime to mid-afternoon commitment, contact us here

Bellarmine House.jpg

Bellarmine + Jesuit House

Jesuit House

Jesuit House is the headquarters of The Cardoner Project.  Informally known as ‘the Bank’, events are regularly held at Jesuit House to raise awareness of our works, and to raise funds. Over the past twelve months, these events have ranged from small reunions of friends and family after Service Years or immersions, to 500 young people with DJs on both the ground floor and the basement. All of these events are essential to building community. 

The ground floor is a function and office space for events and meetings, and future home of our new social enterprise bar and restaurant. The basement offers study areas and a multi-purpose space. 

All Old Boys and their friends are welcome to visit Jesuit House to touch base and stay involved with anything The Cardoner Project is running. Service opportunities to volunteer at places like Redfern Jarjum College, St Canice's Kitchen and others are available to all. 

We encourage anyone with ideas about how the space could be used effectively to contact us.

Bellarmine House

Bellarmine House is the residential program of The Cardoner Project and is based on the top two floors of Jesuit House. The house acts as a transitional residence for university-aged young Old Boys. Currently 18 young Old Boys live there.

Sunday nights are community dedicated evenings that all residents attend; Mass is celebrated followed by dinner and it is a good opportunity for everyone in the house to reconnect after the week. The residents also cook, shop and clean for each other in order to develop a stronger sense of community.

Living at Bellarmine is an opportunity for human, intellectual and spiritual formation. It is not a hostel or just a place to live. It's a way of life for the boys here, and a lot of fun in the process.

Contact us here @thecardonerproject if you would like to know more or apply.

Gawad Kalinga

Gawad Kalinga (GK) is an anti-poverty organisation that works to build communities. Founded in the Philippines, its name means 'to give care' in Tagalog. In the Philippines this commitment takes the form of creating tangible communities; houses into villages in areas where infrastructure is often lacking.

Engaging residents at the centre of this development instils community values that have now seen the establishment of over 2000 GK villages in the Philippines itself. Offering opportunities for volunteers to travel to the Philippines to be part of this process, the organisation has also recently made the jump to Australia.

Working with residents of the predominately Indigenous Apollo Housing Estate of east Dubbo is Gawad Kalinga's first Australian undertaking. Unlike the Philippines, Apollo Estate already has much of its infrastructure needs. Forming a volunteer relationship with The Cardoner Project, this is an exciting new opportunity to help lay the foundations of a new mission. Talking with residents, listening to their aspirations for a strong and positive community is how it begins.

St Canice's Kitchen

The Cardoner Project works with St Canice's church, Elizabeth Bay, with volunteers going regularly to help in the parish office and with projects. St Canice’s has been operating in Elizabeth Bay since 1889 and has grown not only as a parish, but as an important part of the Kings Cross community. 

St Canice’s provides meals every day for the homeless community of Kings Cross and it’s surrounds, feeding those that would often otherwise go unfed. 

The Ignatian Service Association/Teresa House

The Old Ignatians’ Union (OIU) Ignatian Service Association is a group facilitating community service by anyone associated with the school community. The Cardoner Project and the ISA and OIU are working closely together to support the work of places such as Teresa House and the other Cana Communities.

As part of The Cardoner Project’s outreach the boys in Bellarmine House volunteer weekly at Teresa House, which provides emergency overnight accommodation to the homeless. Volunteers fill one of two shifts either preparing dinner from 6:00pm till 9:00pm, serving and eating with those staying overnight. Alternatively they work the second shift starting at 9:00pm, stay overnight and close the house the next morning.

Located within ten minutes walk from the house and nearby Sydney, UTS and Notre Dame universities, Teresa House provides an ideal service opportunity for boys in the house and the wider and Old Boy communities. This is a way in which The Cardoner Project and the Ignatian Service Association cooperate to encourage young Old Boys to see service and
faith as lifelong committments.