Bellarmine House- Reflection

The upper levels of The Cardoner Project's Chippendale office are the living quarters for a community of 17 young men. The fabric of Bellarmine House is dynamic, to say the least - ranging from 18-23 years of age, the variety of personalities and pursuits makes for an exciting residency, with boys studying anything from Arts to Medicine.

A roster of weekly duties of cooking and cleaning allows for teamwork and creativity within the community, not to mention ensuring normality within a large group of rowdy boys! Each of the boys form an important part of The Cardoner Project, and participate in one or more of the marketing, service, formation, volunteers, and functions teams that assist in the operations of The Project.

This semester, all of the boys have also volunteered dinner and overnight shifts at 'Teresa House,' a nearby homeless shelter for overnight crisis and in-transition members.  

As the boys' involvement in The Cardoner Project events is a central part of Bellarmine House, fundraising events such as the upcoming 'House Party' for 500 people provide a number of exciting opportunities. Not only are The Project's goals and purposes introduced to people by the Bellarmine boys, but it stands as a fun night out with proceeds going towards a great cause.

Henri King