Currently The Cardoner Project has taken 138 young Old Boys on immersions, and has placed 42 young Old Boys in 6 to 12 month Service Year placements in Asia. Since 2010, the young Old Boys have raised over $100,000 for our partners overseas.
Because of the energy and drive of the young Old Boys The Cardoner Project continues to grow.

Since its foundation, The Cardoner Project has sought to engage communities overseas in undertakings that seek to express a recognition and respect for excluded, and disadvantaged groups. From teaching English in Vietnamese or Thai schools, to working with families to build houses in Tijuana, Mexico; The Cardoner Project aims to build hope in the communities we encounter. In the process it is we who are transformed. 

Our projects at home…

From the central location of Jesuit House in Chippendale, The Cardoner Project has been able to involve itself in a number of local volunteering opportunities. These seek to integrate into our lives habits of service and a commitment to those less fortunate. The Cardoner Project has formed relationships with Redfern Jarjum College, St Canice’s Kitchen in Elizabeth Bay and Gawad Kalinga Australia in Dubbo in order to serve. Jesuit Social Services share office space at Jesuit House and are working closely with us to develop synergies for to work for social inclusion of disadvantaged groups in our society.

Jarjum College Redern

As one of the Cardoner Project’s local outreach initiatives a strong relationship has been forged with Jarjum College Redfern. Jarjum College is a Jesuit K-6 primary school for Indigenous boys and girls from the Redfern area. MORE>> 

St Canice's Kitchen

The Cardoner project works closely with St Canice’s church, Elizabeth Bay, in a range of social ventures. St Canice’s has been operating in Elizabeth Bay since 1889 and has grown not only as a parish, but as an important part of the Kings Cross community. MORE>>

Gawad Kalinga Australia

Gawad Kalinga (GK) is an anti-poverty organisation that works to build communities. Founded in the Philippines, its name means ‘to give care’ in Tagalog. In the Philippines this commitment takes the form of creating tangible communities. MORE>>

Teresa House

As part of the projects service program boys in the house have been volunteering at Teresa House Homeless shelter, which provides emergency overnight accommodation to the homeless and dispossessed. MORE>>


The Old Ignatians’ Union (OIU) Ignatian Service Association is a group facilitating community service by anyone associated with the school community. MORE>>


The Cardoner Project and Jesuit Social Services www.jss.org.au are committed to real collaboration on a range of great projects that will engage the young Old Boys and others in shaping a more just society. MORE>>



Our Service Year programme offers school-leavers a deeper immersion in the language and culture of peoples in Northern Thailand, Micronesia and East Timor for 6-12 months, with a preference for the full year placement. In the years ahead we will expand these offerings to other places. Our volunteers teach English language and numeracy. We prepare them as much as is possible before they go, working around the demands of the HSC. Currently, we have 10 young Old Boys (9 from Aloysius, 1 from Riverview) from the Class of 2013 working with Jesuits as volunteers in Thailand and Micronesia.  MORE>>

“The Micronesia Service year provides a fantastic opportunity for those seeking a thorough cultural immersion and volunteer experience.”
— Alex Smith (SAC13)
“The Cardoner Project has had volunteers in northern Thailand since 2012 as a part of The Arrupe Education Project, an initiative of the Thai Jesuits.”
— Tim Humphreys (SAC12)
“From 2015 a placement is on offer in East Timor for 6-12 months, with a preference for a full year. In the years ahead we will expand these offerings to other places.”


Our Immersion programme offers 2-3 week experiences of cultural exposure, hard work in basic conditions, and shared examen and reflections every day. These are profound experiences of receiving hospitality from those materially poor, yet spiritually rich. What follows is a run-down of the places we currently go and what we do as written by the young men who have been on them. MORE>>


Across the Pacific Ocean lies the city of Tijuana in northern Mexico. Tijuana’s location on the United States-Mexican border makes it the perfect location to witness the juxtaposition between these two countries.
— Daniel Rubic (SAC11)


When the opportunity of travelling to Ecuador first presented itself to me I thought what an obscure place to go. We spent our time in Quito. . .
— Tom Masi (SIC13)


The Cardoner Project’s Nepal Immersion typically runs in December of each year, designed to give recent Jesuit old boys a deeper appreciation for the often-misunderstood cultural and religious issues in Nepal.
— Max Sturt (SAC13)


The Cardoner Project has had volunteers in northern Thailand since 2012 as a part of The Arrupe Education Project, an initiative of the Thai Jesuits.
— Tim Humphreys (SAC12)


The Vietnam immersion run by the Cardoner Project is one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences that young Aloysius and Riverview old boys can undertake in their early post-high school life.
— Cameron Gray (SAC12)