The planning, establishment and ongoing management of The Cardoner Project isoverseen by a diverse team of experts in order to create an environment run by young people for young people

Our Team

Fr. David Braithwaite SJ, Founder & CEO of The Cardoner Project

Fr. David Braithwaite, SJ runs young-adult ministries for the Jesuits in Australia. He established a volunteering network for young people, both locally and overseas, which grew into The Cardoner Project. Fr David seeks to engage young people in a positive mission for the socially and economically disadvantaged, while integrating faith and reflective transformation. He is passionate about encouraging young people to have hope in a more just and better future.


Fr Alan Wong SJ

Campion Fernando

Sue Walsh

Hector Glower

Business Support & Marketing

Denise Murphy

Renata Nieto

Charlie Morahan

James Mullan

The Two Wolves: Community Cantina

Jaimi Nuttall

Jesuit Centre for Social Entrepreneurship

Jesse Gray

Sean Hogan

The Two Wolves: Abroad

Cormac Lennon

The Two Wolves: Leadership Collective

Theo Ott

Oli Clarke

Bellarmine House

Alex Graham

our boarD

Michael Morgan (Chair)

Fr. David Braithwaite SJ

Br. Ian Cribb SJ

Jim Barber

Nicholas McGrath

Fraser Short

Jane Brennan

Dr. Helen Cannon

Simon Byrne