Leadership & Mentoring

This is an area of high priority for The Cardoner Project. Helping to form leaders for a more just and Christ-centred society is what we are about. Jesuit educated Old Boys are rightly proud, particularly of the political and judicial successes of older Old Boys, and wish to ensure that they continue this tradition of service with the highest ideals of faith-centred ethics and compassion for the poor. We want a generation of prayerful, discerning, just and deeply loving leaders for the Church and the world. The Cardoner Project and Jesuit Social Services are working towards this together.

Leadership Training

Spiritual Life

The Cardoner Project facilitates spiritual development in multiple ways. Mass in the evening is offered at the Bellarmine House Chapel, which all are welcome to attend. MORE>>

Intellectual Life

The Cardoner Project seeks to deepen and broaden minds, just as it fosters deeper relationships of service and community. MORE>>

Residence Programme

Bellarmine House is the residential program of The Cardoner Project and is based on the top two floors of Jesuit House. MORE>>


The Cardoner Project is an initiative arising from the Australian Jesuits call to mission as “companions for a faith that does justice”.  The focus of The Cardoner Project is to support young Old Boys of St. Aloysius’ College in their spiritual formation and their ongoing commitment to a life of service. The Year of Service volunteer placements are one of a number of activities which come under this project. MORE>>

Our Projects

From the central location of Jesuit House in Chippendale, The Cardoner Project has been able to involve itself in a number of local volunteering opportunities. MORE>>


In 2013, the Jesuits acquired the old bank building on the corner of Broadway and City Rd in Chippendale. This established Jesuit House, the first tangible home and headquarters for The Cardoner Project.  MORE>>